What kind of training have you had?

I am trained through two different organizations:

  1. CTI (Coaches Training Institute), the largest and oldest coach training school in the world, offering a framework backed by scientific research and years of experience
  2. Interchange Counseling Institute, an intense and immersive program, focusing on depth of human connection and lasting transformation

Bringing together my experience in both coaching and counseling allows me to provide a thorough and holistic set of skills to better serve my clients.

Are you kind of like a therapist?

The one-on-one conversational format may seem similar. However, I am not trained or licensed as a therapist and do not approach this work from a medical background, which means I will not diagnose you, prescribe you medications, or otherwise be able to support you medically if you struggle with mental illnesses. If you have more questions, please reach out and I’ll gladly offer further clarification. (Also, I do not take insurance as a form of payment.)

Why does this work matter to you?

I want to live in a world where people experience fulfillment and love, and feel capable of creating the changes they wish for. And that starts with powerful experiences like self-awareness, acceptance, compassion, healing, and emotional growth, which are at the heart of my work.

Something else you’re wanting to know?