Stephanie has a very subtle and genuine way of picking up on patterns and providing insight into your situations from a larger perspective. After just one session I saw into my life in a new way which created a giant shift.

It was so different than the only other coach I’ve had. (I have also worked with a therapist too). Her uniqueness was refreshing and gentle - she didn’t claim to have all the answers but really felt it out without any sort of specific agenda.

I truly trusted Stephanie during our session and felt like I was in a safe place full of love and acceptance. If you are open enough to be honest with yourself, trust, and take what she says to heart, you can see immense growth very quickly. I highly recommend Stephanie’s coaching skills and hope you can find the change you need in your life as well!
— J. F. (Kansas City, KS)
Working with Stephanie gave me a greater awareness and acceptance of what a successful life looks like for me. Stephanie is a fantastic listener and a kind soul. She asks challenging questions that help people find their truth, and I am so thankful to know her!
— Taylor B. (Chicago, IL)
I’ve been coaching for quite some time now and Stephanie is one of the most natural, humble, insightful, and caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s very proficient at getting to the root of what’s going on with somebody while offering tremendous support in helping them get past it. In my humble opinion, everybody deserves to have somebody like Stephanie in their lives.
— Richard O. (Medford, OR)
I’ve worked with several coaches over the years and found Stephanie’s style the most impactful for my A type personality. She is calming, intuitive, wise and has a uncanny ability to see the underlying issues which helped me to quickly adopt a new perspective and realize my goals. I highly recommend her as a transformational coach.
— K. Gabriel (San Mateo, CA)
Stephanie is a terrific listener and I love the very human approach she uses. It is her ability to guide rather than just give advice that makes her special. She succeeded in helping me feel more clarity and I’m thankful for her calm, collected, confident attitude and very patient demeanor.
— Lauren F. (Chicago, IL)
Stephanie brings a holistic approach to transformative self-growth. She has an exceptional ability to remain present while also compassionately inquiring deeper. I’ve gained a deeper awareness of my own life and her support has helped me progress in my goals of self-integration.
— Gareth G. (Chapel Hill, NC)
Working with Stephanie has been a great experience! She is extremely skillful in the art of asking questions. She tactfully pushes you to really dig in and find the root of the issues you might be dealing with, which is exactly what all the best coaches do. She will help you find your own answers instead of leading you to generic answers. She actively listened to me and tailored each session in a way that fit my process. Thank you Stephanie for your kindness and support!
— Leandro M. (Chicago, IL)
Thank you Stephanie for helping me be my greatest self. Your questions unlocked my vision of who I can become. Truly grateful~ loving.
— Nico H. (Berlin, Germany)
Stephanie has helped me create a safe space for the feelings and questions I usually box up and hide away. Finding this space has allowed the rest of my interactions, relationships, and work to flourish.
— Anonymous Client (Chicago, IL)
Stephanie has helped me and my husband start the process of understanding one another better. Her coaching has opened our eyes to new questions and we are able to communicate in a more constructive way. I would recommend her to anyone going through couple issues - there is a better way to approach them and she will be able to help with that.
— Anonymous Client (Chicago, IL)

I care deeply about the individuals I work with and love doing this work. Want to be my next client?