August 17-20 2017 / Joshua Tree

A weekend in the desert for soulful, heart-centered women.



A small group of women, coming together to understand ourselves and each other better, in a space of safety, love, healing, and transformation.

To ask powerful questions. Questions like:

What does it mean to be a woman? / How can we redefine and reclaim womanhood? / How can we love ourselves better? / How can we support each other as a community of women? / How can we embody vulnerability and strength? / How can we bring more of ourselves to the world?

To celebrate our differences, and all that we have in common.

To be with each other and with nature.

To experience relaxation and do meaningful heart/soul work.

❤ ❤ ❤

To explore, try new things, and learn in the company of other amazing women.

To build community based in realness and compassion.

To heal our relationships as/with women, learn to trust one another, and be powerful both as individuals and together.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 5.40.20 PM.png


  • Yoga
  • Guided meditations and breathwork
  • Group workshops (including various exercises, powerful conversations, journaling, and art creating sessions)
  • Joshua Tree explorations (sunset viewing, stargazing, early morning meditation walk)
  • Healthy nourishing meals cooked together
  • 2 30-minute coaching sessions (pre-retreat intention setting + post-retreat integration, as well as quick check-ins during the retreat)
  • Scheduled down time for solitude, relaxation, and connection
  • Activities led by YOU and other women - together we will co-create this experience
  • Other surprises, tbd!


We will be starting in the evening on the 17th and ending by noon on the 20th.

Accommodations will be in an Airbnb with shared bedrooms (2 women per room). Please get in touch for more details!

Pricing: $250*

($75 deposit to reserve your spot, due August 10th)

*This includes everything (accommodations, food, activities) except for transportation to/from LA. We will be arranging carpools to the retreat location from LA. If you are flying in from out-of-town, you will receive a $50 discount.

Retreat Agenda: (detailed version will be shared with attendees)






Stephanie is a coach and counselor committed to the healing and transformation of her clients, community, and self. As a retreat facilitator, she will provide both individualized and group support, and create spaces for authenticity and connection. Stephanie loves to travel, read too many books at the same time, and eat delicious meals with loved ones.


Nina is a curious, reflective adventurer certified in hatha yoga instruction.  Throughout the weekend Nina will be facilitating workshops and leading the group in meditation, breath-awareness, chanting and yoga asana sequences.  Nina is a dimpled, enthusiastic, and strong force of love.  Her spirit animal is a bear.

Gabby is an aspiring vegan chef looking to explore the intersection of food, culture, experience and teaching. She is excited to share her love of food by facilitating cooking classes and crafting home-cooked meals for the retreat. Gabby loves Chicago in the summertime, a poetry book with extra feels, learning about the journey of others and acting on ideas fearlessly.


Please join us!

If you're ready to sign up, or have any questions, please reach out at - we are so excited to hear from you!

(PS. Thanks to an abundance of positive feedback, it's likely we'll be hosting more retreats in the future! If you're sad to be missing this one, please get in touch to be notified about our next event!)